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Battery failure is a common cause of vehicle breakdown. There are a number of reasons why a battery could fail, including extreme weather conditions, the car being left for long period, the age of the battery, and commonly motorists accidentally leaving their lights on.

How Long Do car Batteries Last?

The average lifespan of a car battery is between five years, but this can vary based on a number of factors including how often and how long the car is driven, temperature variation, the age of your car, and any additional electronic features installed (including alarms and sensors) that are active even when your car is not in use.

Do I Need A New Battery?

Once the battery reaches this age, they may need to be replaced. You may begin to notice signs that your battery is coming to the end of its life.

    • Your engine takes longer to turn over than usual.
    • The engine will not turn over at all and makes a rapid clicking noise
    • Headlights, hazards, and indicators appear dimmer
    • The battery warning light illuminates on your dashboard

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We will dispose of your old battery in an environmentally approved way.